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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

*Meet our co-founder and CEO, Henrik Selch, a visionary leader with a unique combination of skills and experience in the mental health care industry. Holding a Master’s in Psychology and Social Science, Henrik is additionally a trained sports psychology consultant and keynote speaker, psychotherapist, licensed Psychological First Responder instructor, and an author with a long-standing reputation in the educational, political, and sports/leisure industry. Now Henrik, as a brain scientist, is pursuing a Doctoral in Clinical Psychology. 

*Anders Brandi Yde, our co-founder and COO, and Medical Venue Logistic Manager brings a wealth of experience to the team. With a proven track record in managing Covid19 test and vaccine centers, Anders is a critical player in ensuring efficient and effective mental business operations.

*Claus Emil Engell Johansen, our co-founder, CFO, and a licensed attorney, and partner in one of Denmark's most reputable law firms brings legal expertise and strong business acumen to the team. His experience and knowledge will be instrumental in guiding the company through the complex legal landscape regarding the safe provision of global and local mental health care.

*Rikke Pedersen, our CHO, a licensed Nurse and hold a master’s in political philosophy, rounds up our exceptional management team. With her deep understanding of healthcare systems and her passion for social justice, Rikke will help to ensure that SONOBOTIC AI is not only successful but also a responsible corporate citizen. Together, this powerhouse management team will lead SONOBOTIC AI and partners to new heights and revolutionize industries. With our diverse backgrounds and expertise, a competent Board, and Advisory Board, we will be poised to deliver innovative AI-Powered HyperHuman solutions and drive the company to success. 

Our Story

Once upon a time..... we, as a group of visionary experts in our diversed industries, recognized the enormous potential of artificial intelligence. We believed that AI could revolutionize the way we work, live and interact with each other. We knew that AI could help us solve some of the world's biggest challenges, including the shortage of talented labor that becomes a major roadblock for all of the SDGs. Based on that we formed Sonobotic AI, and set out to create a solution that could address this challenge. We wanted to create something that can empower businesses and organizations to do more with less, while at the same time making work more engaging and fulfilling for people. After much research and development, we came up with the idea of HyperHumans - AI-Powered Software Robots, that could work alongside people to get more done, faster and more efficiently than ever before. We knew that we were onto something big, invisioned a future where these robots were an essential part of every business, organization, and government agency, freeing up talented humans to focus on higher-level tasks and creative problem-solving.


We now know that our HyperHumans over time has the potential to redefine the entire landscape of work, transforming everything from customer service to healthcare to education. As we and our partners develope our core product, the team at Sonobotic AI face many challenges. We must on a daily basis push the limits of AI technology and HI and find new ways to integrate our HyperHumans with existing systems. We still navigate complex ethical and social issues, such as the impact of automation on employment and the potential for AI bias. But through it all, we remaine committed to our vision. We know that we and our partners round the world are creating something that will make a real difference in the world, and we are determined to see it through. One day our HyperHumans are used by businesses and organizations all over the world. They will transforme the way people work, making it possible to do more with less and empowering people to focus on the tasks that matter most. And as the world faces new challenges and opportunities, we at Sonobotic AI continues to innovate, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible with AI; and co- leading the way to a brighter future for all.

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